Women & ADHD

Aleta Storch: All-or-nothing thinking, nutrition & dirty dishes

October 4, 2021

Episode 54 with Aleta Storch.

"Details? Not great. But I'm fantastic at the big picture stuff."

Aleta is an anti-diet dietitian, therapist, and Certified Body Trust Provider. 

She specializes in providing anti-diet, values-centered, body liberation work with folks that have disordered eating/a history of dieting, and/or ADHD.

Aleta currently works with individual clients in her virtual private practice (Wise Heart Nutrition), and also runs an online group program to support ADHDers in navigating food and eating difficulties, and in developing intuitive eating skills in order to nourish both the body and the brain.

We talk about the pressures of all or nothing perfectionism and why women with ADHD are prone to eating disorders, we also talk about diet culture and the problems with weight-centric views of health, victim blaming within the diet industry, and the insane stress of wedding planning.

Website: Wise Heart Nutrition

Instagram: @the_adhd_rd


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