Women & ADHD

Maaya Hitomi: The spectrum of neurodivergent experiences

March 8, 2021

Episode 20 with Maaya Hitomi.

"If there is anything that defies labels more than autism, I don't know what that is."

Maaya is an ADHD Coach and Academic Strategist who supports ADHD, autistic, and otherwise neurodivergent clients to build strategies for better coping. 

In Maaya’s coaching and consulting practice Structured Success, she builds upon her Master’s training in Psychology, her experience as a coach, and her lived experience as a neurodivergent person. 

Being ADHD, autistic, and dyslexic herself, Maaya credits her own academic and professional success to the coping strategies that she learned along the way. 

Focusing on collaboratively building the individualized coping strategies to support her clients, Maaya helps her clients make the healthier thing to do the easiest thing to do.

Maaya is my first guest who was actually assigned male at birth, and we talk about her journey over the years to finally get a diagnosis, as well as differences between the internalized experiences and externalized experiences of ADHD across race and gender lines.

We also talk about the importance of recognizing and honoring the vast spectrum of neurodiverse identities. 

I want to thank Maaya especially for her patience with me during this interview — I feel like I learned so much about terminology and identity. I also learned exactly why we no longer hear about or use the term Asbergers.

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